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So I got in a disagreement with my Leo friend and basically this is what it boiled down to...

  • Leo Friend:

    *emotions, emotions* "You're being mean and you hurt my feelings.

  • Me:

    "The truth is being mean and hurts your feelings, c'mon be logical and rational about the situation. Plus, don't tell me what to do,"

  • Leo Friend:

    *emotions, emotions, emotions, and more emotions* "Don't be mean to me." "I'm telling you how I feel and you're making me feel shitty about myself"

  • Me:

    *crickets chirping*

We have to be able to think about the arbitrary and violent rhythms of being instrumentalized as disposable labour: never knowing the future, being subjected to arbitrary hirings and firings, having one’s labour intensively utilized and exploited and then enduring stretches of time, sometimes infinite, in which one has no idea when work might come again. Subjection to such violent rhythms produces that pervasive sense of a ‘damaged future’ to which Lauren Berlant refers, but also a radical helplessness in the face of no health insurance and no clear sense of whether permanent shelter can be maintained. This point cannot be captured by statistics that establish who is employed and who is not, since we are talking about new forms of employment that intensify the conditions of precarity that they exploit.

Judith Butler in Dispossession: The Performative in the Political (via mirrortheories)

PDF of the full text here

(via afghangst)

(Source: lowbidinal)

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